Miriam Lois Serman, Ed. M.

Namaste and Welcome!

Miriam is a premier provider of outstanding private individual and group yoga classes,
progressive instructional DVDs, and leader of seminars and groups.
She is an expert and empathic transformational coach for personal issues
and a superb mediator for couples.


Our soul’s journey is the attainment and expression of love.

  • HeartWaves are vibrations of love.  As we generate and receive love, we grow in consciousness, health, happiness, peace, joy and balance.
  • HeartWave Yoga’s mission is to support those who choose the journey to love.
  • HeartWave Yoga provides educational support through hatha yoga practice, tantric education, and rejuvenating retreats.
  • HeartWave Yoga stands for education which celebrates the integration of all parts of the self:  physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

Spiritual is defined here as a sense of wonder at the intricacy of existence
and a deep honoring of our personal connection to self and other.

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